CBX-O, Born on Cloud
A Commercial Loan Origination platform powered by AI & ML for improved credit risk optimisation and informed credit decisions




Reimagine commercial lending with CBX-O, an end-to-end commercial origination platform born on cloud, delivering an exceptional lending experience. With built-in configurable workflows and automated processes, financial institutions can aim for higher efficiency and low cost of acquisition. The platform is powered by AI and ML to make sense of all the available unstructured information, enabling banks to make faster and smarter decisions.

Tablet Onboarding

Product Catalogue

Distributed Data Capture

Structured Data Aggregation

Workflow Management

Document Management

Rule Workshop

Automated Decision

Collateral Management

Exposure Management

Covenant Management


Automated Assessment Calculations

Appraisal Memo

Sanction Letter

Fulfilment Processing

Digital Agency

Consultative Conversations

Dynamic Deviation Handler

Credit Risk Analyst

Olive Fabric

Form Builder

Role Aware

Context Aware